Meet Lynn

Lynn CornishLynn Cornish lives in the very small town of Sonora in the foothills of California, otherwise known as Californias Mother Lode, because thats where several fabulously rich veins of gold were discovered roughly one hundred and fifty years ago. Ironically, another vein of gold, this in the form of an artist colony which has emerged in the Sonora area over the past twenty years.

But thats not why Lynn came to Sonora. She was close to retirement, ready to leave the big city behind and wanted a piece of land that would make her city dogs country dogs. She found it at Whiskey Creek, a six-acre plot of ground that she and her husband share with llamas, goats, sheep, dogs, cats, gold fish and a cranky African Gray Parrot.

Lynn first began her craft in New York's Bronx borough, where she mastered the crayon-on-wall-next-to-crib genre at age three and a half. Once in kindergarten, Lynn took a break from her art until the spring of 2006. Now retired and living the extra slow-paced life of country gentlewoman, she enrolled in a watercolor class at the local community college. It wasnt long after that that the artistic fire she first felt back in the Bronx returned crayons and plasterboard gave way to brush and paper and theres no sign she'll take another break any time soon. We hope you enjoy Lynn Cornishs watercolors as much as we 11 mammals, one bird and one fish at Whiskey Creek do.

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