Playing to Win is Different than Playing Not to Lose

By | July 29, 2020

Have you at any point viewed a football match-up (or any game so far as that is concerned) when one group is winning by an enormous edge, a victory, however then the rival group concludes that they don’t have anything to lose? They toss all alert to the breeze and begin playing with all out desert. By taking greater risks and pulling out all the stops, the group begins to score faster, facing greater challenges and showing signs of  คาสิโนเว็บไหนดี  improvement rewards. This group is playing to win. The other group, who was winning by such a huge edge, changes its center, attempting to play mindfully and ensure their lead. This is playing not to lose. By the last quarter, the group that is playing to win has made up for lost time to the next group. What appeared to be incomprehensible a couple of quarters prior turns into a reality: they pull off a dig out from a deficit win.


How did this occur? Dread of losing can take one’s eye off an ideal objective. 


Let me give you another model from my own life. At the point when I was simply beginning in business I was exceptionally forceful. I was eager to risk all that I needed to succeed (mind you back then, it was very little); in any case, it was all I had. For each new activity, I would need to wager the homestead on my thoughts, and I never dithered. I was continually ready to utilize my home, my vehicle, my time, anything I had for insurance on my thoughts.


As I began to have more achievement and getting an agreeable way of life, be that as it may, I turned out to be less and less ready to chance it. Around 1997, we hit a few hindrances with one of our significant customers, and they chose to put our agreement out to offer. I got anxious. In the event that we lost this customer, we would be in a powerless position. I chose to buy another business that would possibly supplant that pay in the event that we lost the significant customer.


The point to this story is this: I would not like to purchase this other organization, and I realized it was anything but a smart thought. I was carrying on of dread of losing, in any case, I did it in any case. Rather than concentrating on the most proficient method to win, I was centered around playing not to lose. At long last, that choice ended up being probably the greatest error. The organization I bought lost cash for us, however it removed three years and numerous assets from concentrating on what we truly needed.


I am not proposing that you toss all alert to the breeze. However, when you approach a choice, it may merit asking yourself, “Are you playing to win or playing not to lose?” When you’re acting to forestall misfortune, it removes vitality from carrying on of a position of trustworthiness and pushing ahead to win.