WHY I NEVER LIE AND NINETEEN OTHER MOSTLY TRUE STORIES is a collection of medium length pieces written by Lynn's husband, Rick Cornish. Taken together, the twenty generally autobirgraphical narratives offer some explanation of how the author got to be who he is.

There's the story about his reaction to the resignation of Spiro Agnew and subsequent encounter with some shady characters during a research trip back in the '70's that taught him the pitfalls of fabricating for the sake of self-aggrandizement; the one about his battle with a family of raccoons that ultimately led to a bloody inter-species alliance; the saga of how his high school girl friend’s father concocted a brilliant, untraceable scheme to have him rubbed out; and the cautionary tale of Albirdio the African Gray and how lies of omission, no matter how justifiable, can be just as destructive as the regular kind. All twenty stories rely almost entirely on the never-ending torrent of little ironies that rain down upon us each and every day. As it's name implies, WHY I NEVER LIE is a book of short stories to be held lightly.

Periodically I post one of the pieces from WHY I NEVER LIE to offer people a sense of how I tell my stories. Currently I'm sharing a tale called What Buffaloes Are. Click here for a look.

If you would like to buy WHY I NEVER LIE, just send a check or money order for $16.30 to:

Rick Cornish
10740 Whiskey Creek Road
Sonora, CA 95370

Now firmly ensconced in my retirement, I’ve started a second collection of short fiction in earnest. If you’d like a preview of what’s coming, click away…

The Cove
The Job Interview
Cuppa Joe’s

I’d of course love to hear what you think...rickcornish7777@hotmail.com These stories are in draft form and your comments will be put to good use. Rick Cornish

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